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Society: rights and politics

The fight over offensive terms

Nearly a year after the Internet Engineering Task Force took up a plan to replace words that could be considered racist, the debate is still raging.

Russia must be open

Russia must be open

Meta-creation, anyone?

Why some religions are so anti-evolution? Would not God which created (programmed) such simple and cool evolution rules be cool? Kinda, meta-creation-cool? I mean, that may move dogma a bit, but it may actually win some extra friends, would not it?

Pain Ray from Raytheon

The NPR story on the Raytheon device followed today the ongoing ACLU reporting and the specific coverage of the terrible invention.

Practical math education

Essentially he argues that proficiency in statistics, probability, and meaning of data(sets) should be the pinnacle of high school math education.

Tacit collusion (a.k.a. uncommunicative cartel)

The Kingdom of Bhutan

Found unprocessed video fragments from the Bhutan trip and pieced them together. Got the 6m30s video as the result. Shared on YouTube.

Living Together

We have been discussing the values and patterns of a happy family living for a while. It turned out that we can use a house planning tool as a great conversation enabler. A few things bond better than dreaming together.

Thank you to PragProg

That is what taking care of the customer supposed to be!

Orphan Works - back to basics

The «Orphan Works» issue is clearly linked to the notion of copyright, so I have been thinking about the orphan works in the context of that link and it’s original purpose.

Orphan Works Bill opinion from FSF Compliance Engineer

In October this I have forwarded my opinion (see this post) on the Orphan Works Bill as a question to Free Software Foundation licensing team. Brett Smith from FSF sent me an interesting and detailed answer, which I post here verbatim with his permission

An Opinion on «Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act of 2008» - open source application

The “orphan works” bill is based on good intentions going terribly wrong.

Orphan Works Bill

The “orphan works” bill is based on good intentions going terribly wrong.

Thoughts on «free» photography

The impact of wide-spread amateur photography on the professionals is something I was often wondering about. Being an amateur, I have by never grasped fully. When participated at a photo trip I once asked the group leader about the issue and got the polite “it-is-not-a-big-problem-keep-shooting” kind of answer. What else would I expect, being a customer at the moment?

Value of peer involvement

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