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Internet finds

The Mysterious Life of Developers

Kantega AS funny advertisement

Imagine - Pentatonix

Blue-gold dress

Context is everything

Leadership Styles

24 Charts Of Leadership Styles Around The World

On hatred

When your hatred defines you, any attempt to make you stop hating becomes an existential threat. – İyad el-Baghdadi‏

What kind of Asian are you?

Happiness as a habit

Mind to body

It is important to understand that counterproductive actions of body, speech and mind do not arise of their own accord, but spring up in dependence on our motivation. Faulty states of mind give rise to faulty actions. To control negative physical and verbal actions, we need to tame our minds.

How far are we from chimps?

Neurologist Robert Sapolsky explores the genetic differences between humans and chimps, and describes the few genes that make our species unique. Our two species share over ninety-eight percent of the same genes, with only one major trait separating us from other primates: an abundance of neurons in the brain.

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